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Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Perfumes add to the attractiveness of the person. Who doesn't want to smell good?

Science says that smell is more important than looks. Body odour is normal hence choosing perfumes carefully is extremely important - Perfumes do mask our body odour however at the same time it also interacts with our body odour and hence it becomes extremely important how we pick one for ourselves. The best way to apply the perfume is - Spray the perfume on your pulse points- inner wrists, base of the throat near the collar bone and behind ear lobes, inner elbows.

In this editorial post we are leaping into Product Review, a step forward to provide honest reviews. Reviews shared on this blog post are honest and personal. We have reviewed 5 Zara Fragrances and we would breakdown each one of them. Before I start let's get some basic understanding EDP & EDT-

EDP - Eau De Perfum are long lasting and intense and hence makes them great for dates, wedding and evening parties.

EDT - Eau De Toilette on the other hand are the lighter version of EDP and hence great for day time and office goers.

Paris Nº92 Champs Elysees

Notes: Jasmine, Vanilla, Caramel and Patchouli

It's almost a floral explosion! Perfume Collection by Zara is fresh, feminine and fruity! Definitely the fragrance is strong, slightly sweet and is long lasting. I like it but don't love it since it has extremely strong fruity fragrance and makes me feel like am carrying basket full fruits with me! (LOL!). Packaging is feminine and elegant, where most of the Zara Perfume Collections attract women.

Price - INR 790

Would I Buy It Again - Yes

During my recent trip to the Zara, I found that Paris Nº92 Champs Elysees has been discontinued and they introduced Zara 11 Corso Vitorio Emanuele Milano, Eau De Perfum (I have reviewed this as well).

For those that love fruity fragrance this might be a great buy. You can purchase it at any of Zara's Retail Outlets or online.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Red Vanilla Eau De Toilette

Notes: Vanilla, Blackcurrant and Iris

Fragrance is long lasting, warm and sensual and personally by far this one is my favorite. If you are looking for something to wear daily then is the perfect pick. Though there's rarely much difference in the fragrance in Zara's Perfume Collection and whatever you spray it on, you can smell it days later.

Price - INR 990

Would I Buy It Again - Definitely, Yes!

Our Rating: 5/5

Zara 11 Corso Vitorio Emanuele Milano, Eau De Perfum

Notes: Apple, Almond and Peony

Fragrance notes feminine, fresh, intense and of course long lasting. If you are looking for something strong that has lasting impact then it might be a great pick. For those who aren't fond of intense fragrance should avoid it.

Price - INR 590 (100ml)

Would I Buy It Again - No

Our Rating: 3/5

Zara Black Amber, Eau De Toilette

Notes: Tangerine, Passion Fruit, Vanilla and Musk

It has a warm captivating fragrance and lasts somewhere around 5-6 hours. Something I would definitely recommend for day time, especially for office for goers who like mild fragrance that does not have a dramatic impact when you enter the meeting room.

Price - INR 790 (100ml)

Would I Buy It Again - Definitely Yes!

Our Rating: 5/5

Zara Forget Me Not, Eau De Toilette

Notes: Cedar, Musk, Green Apple

Fresh Rose and Woody eau de toilette and with a long-lasting fragrance. There are few other variations to this however please refer to the picture for you are going for the same one. I haven't tried other variations as of yet. I am definitely going to suggest this one if you prefer something that is mild and you can wear daily yet not get bored.

Price - INR 790 (100ml)

Would I Buy It Again - Definitely Yes!

Our Rating: 5/5

Lastly, the packaging of Zara Perfume is simple yet classy and elegant, besides the price is quite affordable since one bottle lasts really long.

Reviews posted here are based on my personal experience and in any case are not effected by the brand.

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