Monthly Fashion & Beauty Subscription Boxes for Women In India

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Whoever said that money can't buy happiness, simply didn't know where to go shopping.” — Bo Derek

If you are confused and don't know where to go shopping, may be, you are tired of the crowded stores or you just want some one to pick clothing and accessories for you?

Then Subscription Boxes are perfect for you!!

Subscription Boxes have become incredibly popular in India over the past couple of years and who does not love curated packages? Subscription Box Services rescues you from confusion as what to pick for the man. From Fashion, Clothing to Jewellery and accessories, you name it and you have a Subscription Box available.

Subscription Boxes not just help you discover new products but with so many brands in the market it just makes it easy for you try out a brand before adding it to your wardrobe and Vanity Box.

We have curated a list of the Best Monthly Fashion & Beauty Subscription Boxes for Women that will help you look your best for every occasion and will suit every lifestyle! So if you are in India, check out these Subscription Boxes and we are sure you would fall in love with them!!


Price: Starts at 1999 per Box

StyleCraker claims to make you look fashionable & chic like your personal stylist.
Image Source: StyleCraker

We all want to look good and be the best version of ourselves and that's where StyleCraker comes in. StyleCraker curates box mix of apparel, accessories, beauty, and other items specially for you based on your body type and preferences. It's almost like a personal style concierge service. StyleCraker offers you selection 3 Items (INR 3499), 4 Items (INR 5499), 5 Items (INR 7499) and a Customized Box based on your Budget > INR 8000.

So if want to get the Celebrity look for yourself you might like to check them out.

Snob Box

Price: Based On Your Budget

Snob Box acts a your personal style partner

Snob Box goes a step further as your style partner, you get 3 days to try on the products received and pay only for the pieces you keep. There's no commitment as Snob Box is not like other Subscription Boxes. Each Snob Box is a beautiful mix of 7-15 pieces in western clothing, bags & accessories, handpicked to suit your lifestyle, size and budget. A minimal styling fee of Rs.199, which is redeemable on your Snob Box and the products you receive are well segregated-

Clothing starts at Rs. 699 - 2999

Jewelry and Accessories start at Rs. 249 - 1499

Bags start at Rs. 999 - 3499

Image Source: Snob Box

Snob Box is a great way to stay updated with the latest fashion trends. and it being the one of the Best Subscription Services for Women In India. Isn't it? What do you think?

Closet Trunk

Price: Starts 1999 Quarterly Pre-Styled (Sneak Peak Trunk) & Personalized Trunk is 2499

ClosetTrunk is a personalised, styling made easy and accessible to everyone. Closet Trunk is unique as it provides you Video Call Service for INR99, where you can place a Video Call Request with your stylist

ClosetTrunk comes with 2 plans to choose from - Personalized Trunk, where you get a personal style scientist who will get in touch with you and according to your requirement will curate a trunk with an entire look specially personalized for you!

Image Source: ClosetTrunk

Second is Pre-Styled (Sneak Peak), where every quarter you get unique stuff! Each trunk will consist elements of beauty, fashion, self-care and fun! You know what you will get, you can explore that under sneak peek section of the website, this trunk has been curated by our team to provide you with a pre-styled look and other items along with it to take care of yourself care needs!


Price: Starts 1999 Quarterly

Mauvelush is thoughtfully curated box of goodies based on different themes and occasions

Mauvelush Quarterly Box comes with products handpicked based on seasonal themes with a touch of quirkiness. You can expect from clothing, accessories to lifestyle and gourmet products in your quarterly Mauvelush Box.

Image Source: Mauvelush

Besides, Mauvelush offers you Custom Curate Box Option. Hmmm! Interesting! So if you are up for some surprise, you won't be disappointed with Mauvelush Boxes.

Glam Ego

Price: Starts 299 Monthly (4 Subscription Plans)

GlamEgo is thoughtfully curated box of goodies based on different themes and occasions

Glam Ego is considered as 'India’s No.1' Beauty Subscription Box. You can expect 4 to 5 luxury beauty products basis the initial profile creation right from your Skin Type to Hair Concerns and MakeUp to Bath and Body Products.

Image Source: Instagram

What makes GlamEgo the favorite among women subscribers is that you get a combination of Full sized beauty products and deluxe samples or samples from luxury brands delivered at your doorstep every month.


Price: Starts 599 Monthly (4 Subscription Plans)

Fab Bag subscription, comes with luxurious surprises every month packed in gorgeous cosmetic bag

What I really like about FAB BAG is that every month you receive expert-recommended full and travel-sized products from top global brands. I would not be wrong my first cruelty free and vegan lipstick (Disguise Cosmetics) try happened with one of the Fab Bag. And since then I had been in love with the lipstick brand.

Image Source: Fab Bag

FAB BAG also has an extensive range of premium & prestige products for sale online and frequently hosts offline workshops and product launches in collaboration with beauty brands.

Vanity Wagon

Price: Starts 999 Monthly (3 Subscription Plans)

Vanity Wagon is India’s #1 Natural Organic Beauty Marketplace and their Monthly Subscription Box - BelleBox is filled with Natural Goodness

If you are someone like who swears by Organic, Cruelty Free Products than trust me Vanity Wagon is for you. Some of the top brands like Auli Lifestyle, Paul Penders, Organic Harvest, Ruby’s Organics, Mama Earth, Arata Zero Chemicals and Just Herbs are to name a few you can find in your Belle Box.

Image Source: Vanity Wagon

The Monthly Belle Box from Vanity Wagon comes loaded with

- 5 Different Full Size Featured Products (each month) - You get at least INR 2000+ Worth of Clean Beauty

Vanity Wagon also offers you a platform where you can shop individual products for you are not interested in the Monthly Subscription Packages.


Price: Starts 1499 Monthly (4 Subscription Plans)

SugarBox handpicked and curated box full of goodies with renowned brands

Spoil yourself with exclusive goodies from Sugar Box picked by in-house stylists offering you Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle & Gourmet as monthly package. SugarBox Monthly Packages are 'Boxes of Sweet Surprises'.

Image Source: SugarBox

Each Monthly comes with around 7-8 Products. What I like about Sugar Box is the fun and quirky themed boxes on the hindsight for some it might be little to on the higher side.


Price: Starts 950 Monthly

Lujobox, claims to take self-pampering a notch above and present to you some of the most luxurious beauty products from around the world

Lujo is a Spanish Language word that is pronounced as Lu-ho, defining Luxury. What I absolutely love @LUJOBOX is they have curated the best Vegan & Cruelty Free Brands (95% of the Products @LUJOBOX are Cruelty Free, however cannot guarantee if they are Vegan).

Image Source: LUJOBOX

So if you are animal lover and want to pamper yourself with furry free beauty goodies than this is the Subscription Box for you!

Interested in Cruelty and Vegan Free Products in India, read my Blog Post!

Red Box

Price: Starts 1999 Monthly

Red Box Monthly Subscription makes world a little bit brighter, stylish by curating and creating jewellery & accessories

Red Box as the name, is a fun crazy and quirky mix of jewellery & accessories that will up your fashion game no matter where you go!!

Image Source: Red Box

Red Box Monthly Subscription Pack contains exclusive and stylish fashion accessories and jewellery of impeccable standards of quality and design worth over Rs.4000 for just 1999 monthly pack. Now that could be a fab deal!!

Let's go and checkout!


Price: Starts 850 Monthly (4 Subscription Plans)

MyEnvyBox handpicked and curated box full of goodies with renowned brands

MyEnvyBox monthly subscription comes with 5 trial sized beauty products from the top international luxury and prestige brands. MyEnvyBox claims to offer unique and personalized discovery of fashion & beauty products and shop for the best beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products in the market.

Image Source: MyEnvyBox

Subscription Box is the best way to feed your passion, and discover unique product experiences all at one place. Find the perfect gift for someone, or a special treat, just for you!! Variety of subscription boxes from fashion & beauty basics to gourmet snacks to funky socks, kid activity products to art and culture, there’s something for every kind in the market!!

What's your favorite Fashion & Beauty Subscription Box!

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