Environmental Responsibility - 25 Indian Fashion Labels Treading Sustainability Path

Fashion Industry is a multi-million dollar industry and over the years the industry with Fast Fashion has affected the environment. Sustainable Fashion has been a movement which has made the Global Fashion Industry conscious of the environmental hazards and more and more fashion giants are now slowly moving towards Sustainability.

What Is Sustainable Fashion -

Before you jump over to check the Fashion Labels, let me tell you it was an eye-opener to understand that Sustainable Fashion can be categorized into many forms. Green Strategy’s Anna Brismar has identified seven main forms of sustainable fashion production and consumption.

(Source: Green Strategy).

Sustainable Fashion is all about being conscious, clothes which do no or little damage to the environment, right from the seed to the shop and the Fair Trade Policies - Organic Farming which uses less of toxics and pesticides that are a threat to the environment. Every year approximately 100 billion new clothing is produced whereas a truck full of clothing is either burned or piles up in a landfill, further any new fashion clothing that we pick, use up a huge amount of natural resources, energy, and chemicals for the production, for example - one cotton t-shirt today, you need 10,000 litres of fresh water.

True Cost, a documentary highlighted reality of the Fashion Industry, which states on an average a person in United States disposes off 37 kg of clothes, accessories and shoes every year. Further the demand of on trend fashion triggers this and most of us are unaware of the unless specified as fair trade or organic manufacturing, most of the clothing we flaunt contains harmful dyes, toxins and pesticides that seep into the Earth’s system when thrown away.

Alarming, isn’t it? and hence more and more brands are moving towards Circular Economy, which can be recycled, remade and redesigned. For now we have zeroed in #25IndianFashionLabelsTreadingSustainabilityPath -

1. Blabel -

Blabel a brand by, Bombay Hemp Company (BOHECO), India's premier Industrial Hemp & Medicinal Cannabis Lab - Farm Market Company with an aim to revive Indian agriculture. BOHECO's tagline,‘Educate.Cultivate.Elevate’ is the basic mission of the company.

Educating the masses about the crop, then cultivating it for the purpose of industrial uses and processing the same to elevate our existing standards and manners of living. Blabel remains true to the mission statement of BOHECO, slow fashion brand 'Blabel' extracts the goodness of underutilized natural fibres and creates edgy and contemporary clothing line.

Ships Worldwide, Shop Here!

2. Ka-Sha -

A brand that celebrates handcraft and focuses on clothing as a medium for storytelling, Ka-Sha focuses on implementing fair means of trade while building on artisanal crafts. Ka-Sha swears by Zero-waste policy and which is visible in the creation of 'Heart To Haat', a brand that focuses solely on post-production remnants and using innovative techniques to give them a new life.

Heart to Haat products are made by taking production waste and applying innovative design techniques to create beautiful, functional products ranging from bags to accessories to clothing. Ships Worldwide, Shop Here!

3. Taaka Clothing -

Slow, Conscious, Ethical and Transparent is what Taaka Clothing believes in. Created by artisans and weavers, Taaka not just focuses on its mission towards conscious planet however it equally considers artisans being ethically paid and empowered with good working conditions.

Every piece at Taaka showcases the needlework and what makes the brand stand out is 'Sustainable Sizing', where most of the designs are designed to be worn slightly loose with drop shoulder patterns, which cut down the cost on too many sizes. Taaka Clothing is Handmade With Love, Free of Season and Carefully Crafted homegrown fashion label.

Ships Worldwide, Shop Here!

4. Akira Ming -

Akira Ming pieces are handcrafted labour of love which has timeless appeal. Divya Ahluwalia, the founder and designer behind ethical fashion brand, Akira Ming is a labor of love-made ethically with the finest quality natural silks and cottons, treated with environment friendly techniques like vegetable dyes, printing, and embroidery, and finally constructed with the best technical knowledge- with the intention to give you a perfect fit that you'd be proud to own, and even happier to wear!!

I was surprised that there can be Cruelty-Free way to derive Silk, Akira Ming uses the same method to derive silk from silk worms for its Ahimsa Silk Collections. Check Akira Ming, Here!

5. Mati -

Brainchild of designer Fatima K. Punjaabi, Mati gets its identity from the Sanskrit word ‘Soil’. ‘Peta Approved Vegan’ brand Mati recognizes the importance of sustainable fabrics, elegant design, and works in partnership with the handloom industry to produce ready to wear garments that exemplify the slow fashion movement.

The brand focuses on minimalist designs and loose, flattering cuts that fit to all body shapes and sizes. The designs have an organic rawness and are inspired by nature and colours that are earthy and natural. Apart from retailing through stores in Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Delhi, the label also offers online purchase Worldwide, Shop Here!

6. Doodlage -

Doodlage champions eco-fashion and pushes for zero waste and has redefined fashion as Up-cycled and Recycled Chic. Doodlage uses leftover fabric and biodegradable fabric made from corn and banana fibres and turns all the excess material into stylish and unique products. The name Doodlage, which comes from the word doodle, just as every doodle has its own character, much like the clothes that are manufactured by Doodlage.

Doodlage strives the practice of “slow fashion” - Made from Factory and Consumer Waste to Fair wages to those involved in the making, and using sustainable processes are top priorities at Doodlage. Ships Worldwide, Shop Here!

7. Chokhi Chorri -

Envisioning a pret-wear label that believes in responsible fashion, Ankita Agarwal launched Chokhi Chorri with a mission to leave a last impression in this world through her simple, comfortable and easy-to-wear designs. The word Chokhi Chorri is derived from the Marwari language and can be loosely translated into the phrase ”Beautiful Woman”.

Ankita believes in sustainably creating and ethically curating and the brand lives up to the same.The underlying concept is to recollect historical elements and put them into the fresh, modern-day perspective with simplicity. The silhouettes are contemporary yet comfortable, with embroidered nuances that lend the designs an elegant, noticeable poise. The hue palette of the brand is earthy, the cuts being simple yet timeless, giving every person an experience to feel beautiful and confident. Ships Worldwide, Shop@Ogaan!

8. Buna -

Buna holds the principles of sustainability and slow living at its very heart. Brainchild of Pallavi Shantam, a fashion graduate from NIFT. Buna embodies a way of life that is rooted in culture, craft and community.

Its story features a collective narrative of all the makers whose shared efforts culminate in a beautiful legacy. Employing hand-woven textiles, natural materials and artisanal techniques, Buna’s products have a timeless character and a global appeal.' Ships Worldwide, Shop Here!

9. No Nasties -

Stylish and 100% Sustainable, No Nasties is a clothing label that makes 100% Organic, Fair trade & Vegan Clothing. Every step in the of making No Nasties is eco-friendly & ethical, right from the seed to the garment, adhering to the Global Organic Textile Standards.

Ships Worldwide, Shop Here!

10. Shor She Clothing -

Unique, Sustainable, Handwoven, Hand embroidered and Hand stitched by the craftsmen & weavers of West Bengal. Shor She Clothing is an homegrown label stands out as a limited edition brand due to its uniqueness. All the products of this company are handwoven, khadi (sourced from Bihar and West Bengal) yet are very modern in design. “With focus on sustainability, we use vegetable dyes, and when it comes to fashion, our silhouettes are very western,” mentioned Tanushree, Founder of Shor She Clothing. (Source: Apparel Resources.com). Available @Ogaan and GoodEarth

11. Satva - Activewear -

The Sanskrit word, Satva, is a state of mind in which the mind is steady, calm and peaceful. Satva has partnered with Suminter India Organics®, an environmental and socially conscious organic cotton production corporation in India. Satva as a brand takes an all-natural approach to organic cotton cultivation, free from pesticides and fertilizers. Satva as a label prides in its products which are free from chemicals including: bleaches, toxic waxes, sulfur and heavy metals. Ships Worldwide, Shop Here!

12. 11:11 -

11.11 is a signifier for synchronicity – 1 specifically is a number of mastery. The name of the brand represents a continuous quest for mastery. 11.11 strives ethically produced products while ensuring sustainable local productions – keeping old traditions alive, emphasizing on creating links between farmers, weavers, vegetable dyeing and block printing traditions. The clothes are made from locally produced fabrics and dyed only with natural pigments.

11.11 as a brand envisions, 'Khadi' to build sustainable fashion label with a stand-alone retail store in New Delhi (India) and a concept store in Tokyo (Japan). In addition, it also retails from 40 other multi-brand stores in India, Canada, Korea, USA & Japan.

Ships Worldwide, Shop Here!

13. Brown Boy -

Brown Boy believes in transparency and sustainability. Everything is designed in-house and produced at their workshop in India with simple aim to bring sustainable apparel mainstream. Brown Boy uses 100 % Organic Cotton and Non-toxic ink and dyes besides, Brown Boy is also strictly vegan and is PETA approved. Ships Worldwide, Shop Here!

14. Button Masala -

Garment Without Stitches!

Unique Concept Clothing Label, Button Masala is Unstitched Garment Construction Technique. Button Masala is a very simple joinery concept which allows multiple use of the same product. Originally, it is based on simple grid system, which gives the wearer thousands of changing possibilities. The improved Button Masala is made using rubber-bands and buttons. The production involves no machine or tool and therefore one of the most sustainable products in apparel category. (Source: YourStory). Check Button Masala Here!

15. Vraj:Bhoomi -

Concept Clothing Label based out of Gujarat, working with desert artisans in transforming the traditional hand block printing skills to ethical aesthetic wear. Vraj:Bhoomi takes a step further on contemporary revival of a textile craft called “Ajrakh”, a form of hand block printing with resist dyeing using natural dye stuffs. The label brings together Indian elements to a sensibility very global in appeal. Ships Worldwide, Shop Here!

16. Paromita Banerjee -

Adopting Zero-Waste to reviving hand weaving art and supporting the weavers fair pay is where Ethical Fashion begins. Paromita Banerjee, a homegrown label, takes a stand on Waste Management contributing to the Sustainable Fashion. The label came up with its UpCycle Series, inspired by the Japanese idea of 'Boro', meaning too good to waste, where the scraps are used to make other products. Ships Worldwide, Shop Here!

17. Upasana -

With a mission is to create conscious sustainable fashion whilst taking care of the environment, Upasana is creative and takes a step further with problem-solving approach . If you can recall the Tsunamika, how the project helped the tsunami affected women of TamilNadu, post-tsunami trauma providing livelihood to the fisherwomen. Uma Prajapati is the brainchild of 'Upasna', takes real problems and works creatively to create awareness around conscious living.

Uma has taken real problems and ventured into conscious and sustainable projects-

> Kapas – Organic Cotton project with families of Madurai > Small Steps – Compact Bags as an alternative to plastic bags > Varanasi Weavers – a project with the weaving communities of Varanasi > Tsunamika – a tsunami related project providing livelihood to fisherwomen > Paruthi – India’s local organic brand to support India’s organic farming community

Ships Worldwide, Shop Here!

18. Proyog -

World’s first super-specialized yoga attire for serious practitioners. Proyog is a clarion call to millions of present-day yoga lovers who still wear polyester. Yoga Wear to Yoga Accessories, you can find all at Proyog.

Proyog voices out, wearing organic or organic-rich clothing that is gentle on your body and the planet: cotton, linen, silk, wool, hemp, or even bamboo ensuring that the fabric (cotton, etc.) is organically grown and ethically produced. Ships Worldwide, Shop Here!

19. Deivee -

Sustainable Clothing & Active Lifestyle Brand by Milind Soman, (National Swimmer, Super Model) upholds Fashion Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility.

Each product is a blend of Organic Cotton, Banana Fiber, Wild Grass, Recycled Polyester considering Fair-Trade Procedures. Ships Only Within India, Shop Here!

20. House of Wandering Silk -

Taking Sustainable approach towards people and planet. House of Wandering Silk uses, Upcycled, Handmade and Vintage Materials, with a mission that all artisans are fairly paid and treated. The brand visions representing marginalized women producers and artisans from all regions of South, Central and Southeast Asia, showcasing their full range of weaving and embroidery techniques and skills with ethical standards

Ships Worldwide, Shop Here!

21. Nool -

Nool (“Thread” in Tamil language) is a clothing brand born out of the love and passion to create thoughtful clothing for the conscious consumer who strives to carve a niche for themselves in this contemporary world. Nool focuses on the experience of the wearer than just the clothing. Every aspect of the process of creation from sourcing, designing and manufacturing revolves around creating a beautiful and conscious experience for the wearer.

Ships Worldwide, Shop Here!

22. Ethicus -

India’s first Organic & Farm to Fashion Sustainable Fashion Brand. It was launched in 2009 with the aim of making our heritage fashionable through Product Development & Design Intervention. Ethicus grows Organic Cotton and hand-weave it in Pollachi, Tamilnadu. Ethicus, works towards creating a product of the highest quality using the finest of Ecologic cotton yarns and the best of Artisans to create world class textiles for today.

Ethicus uphold the upliftment of the artisans and over the years have worked with artisans across India, 'Ajrakh & Bandhani' artisans in Kutch, Gujarat. 'Kalamkari' artisans in Telangana and 'Chikankari' artisans in Lucknow, UttarPradesh. Ships Worldwide, Shop Here!

23. Nete.In -

Curated mix of young indie labels + slow made organic clothing. Nete.in heavily supports Slow Made, Fair Trade, Organic Clothing, Conscious Consumption, Handmade, Sustainable Fashion, Up-cycling and Recycling. Ships Worldwide, Shop Here!

24. Runway Bicycle -

Mumbai-based design studio specializes in clothing and home décor. Taking the sustainable route, Runway Bicycle, works with weavers to make handloom pieces from scratch. Being certified by the Better Cotton Initiative and using natural dyes in the production process.

Ships Worldwide, Shop Here!

25. Chola The Label -

Chola by Shohaya Misra is a sustainable fashion label made of recycled fabrics created out of post consumer waste. Designing and styling with recycled cottons using free-cutting methodologies that employ minimal wastage, an approach well complemented by the fabrics made out of post-consumer waste. Chola retails out of couture stores of India namely Ogaan, Ensemble, Atosa, Elahe. Ships Worldwide, Shop Here!

Of course we would keep adding to the list, as this should not end here (we need more fashion labels realize Sustainable has to be the way of life) and we definitely need to be more aware and conscious as consumers and try to contribute our one cent to the environment by transitioning to the Sustainable and Ethical Fashion.

Do you know any other Indian Brands that are Sustainable that we have missed in our list, do let us know. Write to us at byneelamkaur@gmail.com

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