17 Creative and Quirky Indian Wedding Invitation Designs

Invitation for 'Special Moments' like Wedding, which is once in a lifetime affair deserves all the fun, luxury and innovation.

Today, Wedding Invitations are a fusion of tradition and technology and people are opting for quirky wedding invites over the conventional ones.

Wedding Invites are pretty much the first thing that gives you the glimpse to the kind of wedding one would attend. Wedding Invitations tell a story about the couple, their journey, emotions and special moments. Of course there goes a lot of efforts to come up with that one creative invitation. For you are looking for some invitation designers who can create quirky and creative wedding invitation cards for you, then look no further, we have handpicked some of the finest ones from all over India.

1. Uttara Shah, Mumbai -

Eversince I saw Uttara Shah's facebook page, I had been following her and let me tell you Uttara's Wedding Invitations are masterpieces with personal approach, adding emotions and unique touch to the same.

Illustrations, Embossed Embellishments to color palettes weaving a wedding theme and a touch of classic vintage look defines Uttara Shah's style. Of course, Uttara has worked with some high end clients like Imran and Avantika, Shloka Mehta and Barjatya's, nevertheless, you can still find some gorgeous pieces ready on the shelf that will mesmerize you.

2. Ravish Kapoor -

Specializing in creating innovative invitations Ravish Kapoor has been creating elegant and quirky wedding invitations. From traditional scroll invitations to modern story-themed and classic box invitations Ravish Kapoor is definitely a brand for you, if you really want that customized high end out of box masterpiece for your wedding invitation.

Being an official Invitation partner for Filmfare, Ravish Kapoor too has high end Bollywood clients - Shilpa Shetty-Raj Kundra besides he has designed IIFA, 2018 and 2019, Match Indian Poker League, Vogue Wedding Show, 2019 Invites. You can find Ravislh Kapoor Studios in Delhi, Mumbai, Los Angeles.

3. Ozel Designs, Delhi -

A Creative Design House with high profile clients and patrons right from Respectable President Of India Mr. Pranab Mukherjee to Honorable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi.

Designer Dipansh Bhasin, Founder of Ozel Design, has taken designing Wedding Invites beyond cardboard and paper, some of the exclusive pieces are designed using wood and leather and can rightly be said as keepsakes for the utility touch that has been added to them. Ozel Designs brings you a perfect combination of innovation and traditional packed in a luxury box.

4. Pink Whistle Man, Mumbai -

Named after Enid Blyton's character, Mr. Pink Whistle, Rajani Iyengar, the brainchild behind Pink Whistle Man brings forth her experience as digital cartoon and logo designing to Wedding Invite Designing and you can find the illustrations on the invites are not just visually appealing however tell a genuine story about the occasion and the couple.

Just as the name the invitation cards reflect the concept and am in amazed to see the creativity and quirkiness add to the cards-Cassette Card to Seed Paper Cards, Cross – Stitch Themed Sewing Box Card to Trigonometry Inspired. Don't you think these are super fun and innovative in approach?

5. Kaagaz, Mumbai -

Ditch the traditional sophisticated Wedding Invites. Kaagaz comes to your rescue with offbeat creative concept invites for your D-day. A Creative & Fresh Look At Wedding Invitation Designs, Kaagaz infuses originality and personality in every single piece.

Specializing In Laser Cut Cards With Awesome Graphics & Quirky, Modern Themed Invitations, Kaagaz describes themselves as Quirky and Fun Design Studio. Why not hire Kaagaz to conceptualize your Wedding Invites?

6. Turmeric Ink, Delhi -

Inking Your Dreams, Turmeric Ink blends indigenous with contemporary to bring aesthetic affordable and lavish invites; invites that generate considerable exuberance among invitees. Turmeric Ink forays into new and innovative stunning styles which breathe luxury and elegance not just to Wedding Invites but to the Wedding Stationary and Favors.

7. Vedic Invites, Agra -

Hand-Crafted opulence is what defines Vedic Invites. Mix of intricate laser-cut designs with rich colorful illustrations which reminds you of royal lineage our country has. Vedic Invites is a perfect combination of traditional and chic design studio.

8. Framing Rainbows, Delhi -

Paper Art and Design Studio that specializes in bespoke Chic and Sassy Wedding Invitations and other stationary goods. Weaving ethnic traditions with modern concepts Framing Rainbows is fun and innovative design doorway.

9. Puneet Gupta Invitations, Delhi -

Luxury invitations & Gifts Boutique Studio that forays into bespoke Wedding Cards, Trousseau Trunks and lot more. Hand crafted goodness at Puneet Gupta Invitations are exquisite blend of innovation and flamboyance. Besides, known for bringing virtual reality to life with a technology driven invitation, first of its kind in the country.

10. Create a Flutter, Chandigarh-

Design Boutique specializing in bespoke wedding invitations & stationery, every invitation at Create A Flutter is a masterpiece and this Baroque Suite Invitation is a gorgeous oozing luxury in gold on acrylic with faux leather & feathers. Create A Flutter weaves together the color palette, patterns, monograms, shapes and elements to bring you the royal elegant and sophisticated bespoke invite.

Here's another one, Pilot Suite Invitation by Create A Flutter.

11. Be Jalebi, Delhi -

Bespoke gifting & Invitation by Be Jalebi stand out from the crowd in terms of the handpainted pieces they produce that have vintage and luxury combined together. What I absolutely love about the Design Boutique is how they blend the fascinating design elements and colors palettes that communicate the wedding emotion. How about Trousseau Trunks which adds luxury and elegance to your wedding?

12. Radhika Pitti Studio, Hyderabad -

Specializing in bespoke wedding invitation, the design boutique and print studio adds fun and glamour to your traditional invitations with a twist. From Boxed Invites to Funky & Offbeat Invitations to Traditional Invitations you can get that perfect Wedding Invitation customized for your D-Day here!

Checkout this Caricature Wedding Invite which is quirky and fun and adds the emotion of the couple and communicated a story via the invitation. Isn't that fabulous? Radhika Pitti Studio is for you if you are looking for the design and creativity blended together be it the Invitation or the Stationary.

13. Organized Chaos, Mumbai-

As an Illustrator for the Kids Market, I am always drawn to fun and quirky stuff and I could not miss to add Organized Chaos to the list. From intricate design to quirky and fun they do it all. I am in love with this quirky, vibrant & colorful Mandala & Truck Art wedding invites.

Organized Chaos defines themselves as a design studio that gives a chaotic twist to its art be it luxury stationery, couture wedding invites. Now, that's the studio for you, if you want all that drama added to your wedding invitations.

14. Srishti Khurana Invitations, Delhi -

Bespoke Wedding Invitations and Gifting Design Studio, you can find classy and luxurious designs customized per your requirements. Designs are every bit modern with a touch of elegance and luxury.

Here's another favorite pick of mine and I love the florals and look at the softness of the color palettes and the pattern all over the box dds the luxury touch with those golden knobs.

15. Flying Elephant Designs, Mumbai -

Design and Branding Studio, Flying Elephant Designs made to my list with these two designs which are dreamy , fun and every bit luxurious. Tell me, if you disagree.

Here's the Beach Wedding Invite, Puzzle Pieces Invite is really creative and innovative. Isn't it?

16. Invitation By Vineetha, Delhi -

Vineetha Grover, the Designer at Invitation By Vineetha is uses caricatures to communicate a story and brings you customized quirky pieces that reflect a unique style. This Wedding Album cover has been recreated in illustrative form from a picture and is magical.

Aren't these fun and quirky and if want offbeat Wedding Invitation for your D-Day than you you know whom to reach out now.

Every bit dreamy, magical and fun! Pure Bollywood Masala Style!!

Saved the best one for the last -

17. Let's Announce -

Now, if you are looking to go green but want all the fun then this is the place for you. Graphic and Motion Designers @Let'sAnnounce bring you Digital Invites which are so much fun and innovative. Check this Royal Wedding Invite, exudes elegance and makes a perfect wedding announcement. Wedding Invitations ought to be personal and Let's Announce assures you that each invitation is custom made with personalized approach. Of course No Wedding is the same - so why should your invite be?

By no means this list is complete and there are other Design Studios who are equally good in their craft, however we have picked the best ones for you. Besides the list above you would love to check Carmma Weddings, and Itchha Talreja Designs for elegant and sophisticated designs.

Do you have a Creative and Innovative Design Studio or may be a Wedding Invitation that is fun and innovative, do share with us. Tag us @thepopupfeed on Instagram or email us at byneelamkaur@gmail.com

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