Big Fat Indian Wedding:Cake Couture Trends

Updated: Jan 9

It's no more a Christian Tradition to cut a wedding cake. Wedding Cake is a nice end to the wedding day. Further couples are looking to more and more personal story to communicate through Cake Couture.

@thepopupfeed | Big Fat Indian Wedding : Cake Couture Trends

Today, couples from across Indian communities Punjabis, Marwaris and Gujaratis are seeking statement wedding cakes that narrate their love stories and for the most part these cakes cost around Rs 50,000 as the base price thus making this Industry a huge market to cash in.

Western influence has reflected in a strong demand for bakery products in India, from macaroons, cupcakes etc, largely the Cake Couture Industry is one of the biggest sections and looking forward, the market value is projected to exceed US$ 12 Billion by 2024, expanding at a CAGR of 9.3% during 2019-2024 .

It was British influence that resulted in bakeries in India and Wenger’s in New Delhi can be considered as an oldest bakery cafe in New Delhi. Further with changing lifestyle and western influence the industry is booming.

@thepopupfeed | Big Fat Indian Wedding : Cake Couture Trends

What goes in creating a statement cake

For the most part Wedding Planner does all the arrangement as single point of contact then running after vendors and scouting best decor and arrangements, couple find it easy to hand over the charge to Wedding Planners. However, even with Wedding Planners the decor and arrangements being the core the couple like to explore the Statement Cake, which matches with the theme other than the taste, flavor and most important the craftsmanship of the baker in making it personalized so as to - Designs to finishes and 3D cakes, which these days are a trend. It is almost adding your personality to the cake.

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